Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Unsecured Surveillance Cameras


Whoever knows me well enough knows how passionate to the historical figure of the Shinsengumi, the fearsome wolves Mibu.
This police force composed of skilled swordsmen (and also by unscrupulous mercenaries, to be frank) was established and based in Kyoto at the behest of the shogunate during the last tumultuous years of the Tokugawa era.
Their aim was to maintain order and fight the samurai rebels who opposed the shogun and demanded the return to power of the emperor.
Feared and respected by ordinary people at the same time, they almost all have a bad end and could not resist the inexorable restoration of the emperor.
OK, fine lesson in history "chenonglienesbatteunamazzaanessuno" for those who want to know more, you slam the usual wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shinsengumi or this great site: http://www.shinsengumihq.com ! :-D

The first time I "ran" in the Shinsengumi was thanks to Rurouni Kenshin , and my favorite character in that series: the Shinsengumi Hajime Saito, head of the third squadron of attack.
Since that time, I gathered information on their history and soon discovered that the Shinsengumi were and are still among the most popular historical characters, loved and strongly present in the collective Japanese. Anime
included. Apart from the aforementioned
Rurouni Kenshin (where among other things, the characters of Aoshi and Sanosuke are based on known key of this body), also fairly recent series are dedicated to the Shinsengumi Peacemaker Kurogane , Shuuro no Toki , Shinsengumi Mobile Force (overflight of pity on the latter "futuristic" ) not to mention that the Shinigami of Bleach ! are also clearly inspired by the Shinsengumi. In terms
Live, were made a boundless amount of television productions of all kinds, but the two most recent works (and also significant, I would say!) Is the feature film Gohatto (Tabu 'in the Italian version) of the famous director Oshima (I have yet to see him 'I'm the film, porc!) and above the recent drama that has produced state television NHK in 2004.
This " Shinsengumi Taiga " ("Taiga" is the term for the epic historical drama), in particular, I read rave reviews and opinions from all sides, and praise and appreciation you have wasted for both the technical realization (apparently this is one of the most expensive production ever in Japan) for the story and the acting of the actors.
Of the latter, who has seen Battle Royale rediscover some of the "students" from Tatsuya Fujiwara (Shuuya) which was the main character in Battle Royale, and here embodies Souji Okita.
The head of the Shinsengumi is instead played by Katori Shingo , the most "baby" of the SMAP ! ^ _ ^
More information about this drama can be found here:
The good news is that finally this drama can be downloading that version with subtitles and the usual handful of fansubber usual Bittorrent! ^ __ ^
To whom it may concern, you will find the link here:
http://d-addicts.com/forum/torrents.php?search=shinsengumi&type=&sort =
All will be SOON fifteen jig, ecchessaramai, a trifle !!!!! :-DDDDDDD


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